Living in Abundance

As some of you know, I have a very big love for living food, which we also call Raw Foodism. This way of eating is not only a specific kind of diet, but rather a lifestyle, a delectable way of being conscious of the world, nature, our own body, our mind, creation, beauty, health, invisible, the living… The list would be much longer if I didn’t limit myself, because this way of eating that was completely unknown to me has completely changed my life!

It’s true that when people ask me today if I’m a vegetarian, vegan or if I follow a raw food diet, I don’t feel so comfortable giving them an answer. The idea of having a label stuck to my forehead to categorize me doesn’t really suit me and in my case, I would say that it’s pretty global: I’m not just my job, I don’t necessarily reflect my first name, I don’t like just one thing, my emotions are different, my preferences and choices evolve. In other words, I am change and variety, just as we all are!

So why always try to fit inside a mold when we know how vast the world can be, how huge opportunities can be, how varied the scenery can be and how rich the earth can be?

Don’t you think that by thinking this way, we simply keep ourselves from living? Let’s be clear-headed: there are still big chances that we only know an infinitely small part of what the earth has to offer, and by restraining ourselves this way and reducing ourselves to a checkbox, how will we ever continue learning, discovering, testing, feeling and be exciting by something else?

Do you believe that all our incredible philosophers and wise men limited themselves to what they had been taught to go beyond their hopes and knowledge?

That’s why personally, I don’t classify myself into any category, and I consider myself more like a curious explorer of life and of the living to inhale Mother Nature’s gifts by trusting my instincts and the work of time.

The more time passes, and the more I feel spoiled by life that I can function this way and that I’ve discovered this remarkable practice, which offers me a slew of daily rewards:

*The first and most important reward to me is “ABUNDANCE”.

Because I’m always thirsty for adventure and novelty, I was never satisfied with what the earth could offer me on a golden platter; I always feel like I have what I need at the right moment, because I feel connected to the main essences of life. All I need to do is open my arms and a sensational lot of wonders fall upon me if I’m ready to believe in them.

*The second reward is called “GRATITUDE”.

For a long time, I forgot to give thanks for what I have, but today, I can definitely no longer ignore life’s constant acknowledgments and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.


Every day, I become more and more respectful of myself, of my body, of others, of the environment and of life. More and more, I am capable of empathizing with others to understand and forgive them when they make mistakes.

*The fourth present is “CREATION”.

I’ve never stopped creating, but today, I realize even more of how lucky I am and I try to use it for the right purpose.

*The fifth is the “JOY OF LIVING”.

I’ve always been pretty jovial and lively, but now, there is not much that can cause me to be miserable, in a bad mood, or unpleasant. Life is good, and we owe it to smile, and breathe happiness.

*The sixth point is “BALANCE”.

This way of functioning has taught me to feel balance to be in complete harmony with my convictions, my desires, my needs and my pleasures. Knowing how to control myself and keep in mind that the scales should never tip to one side or the other has brought me peace and satisfaction

*The seventh is “AN OPEN MIND”.

I’ve learned that nothing is fixed, that everything is shifting and that the only thing limiting our spirit is us, and our own fears. Obviously, there are still many proofs and satisfactions that I’ve received since adhering to this lifestyle, but once again, the list is very long, and the result is different for each person.

I’d like to end this article with a comparison that calls out to me!

I think of our bodies as having the same role as a car, both having the same function, which is to drive us from point A to point B. Both of these means of transport need fuel, and if you give your vehicle the wrong one, you’ll sometimes move forward very slowly or even backwards, and inevitably clog up the system until it eventually leads to its destruction.

So that’s why raw foodism has changed my life in its entirety! I suddenly decided to change types of fuel and today, I am driving at full speed, without stress or little aches and pains, with consciousness, a clear mind, concentration, and improving both the physical and divine aspects of my being. So take the risk of changing your habits and trying the unimaginable and unthinkable despite its colour, texture or message…

Only idiots never change! 😉


The Appointment is Booked!

A New Year!

It’s time to say “goodbye” to last year once and for all, to the memories, the past and make way for the present moment and get into the heart of the matter.

This moment of salvation gives us the feeling of being regenerated, like we’re undergoing a renewal, feeling re-energized, with the idea that we are getting a new chance at life. So we take advantage of it to start anew.

So we write down our dreams, our desires, and our hopes for the year to come on paper!

The first week of January is the most active for citizens of the world who are trying to keep their promises, but it doesn’t take much for this sacred path to become but a mere memory and for everything to be put away in a drawer and labeled under “Procrastination and Disappointment”, “I can’t do it”, “A little later”, “Maybe tomorrow”…

So this year why not try to do things differently?

First of all, why wouldn’t we trade in our personal resolutions for thanks and appointments with ourselves?

Why wouldn’t we simply start living in gratitude, being more present, more connected, respecting others more and all the living things around us, to be comfortable with our bodies, feeding ourselves with more ethics and consideration and especially, re-learning how to listen to our inner voice and be one with ourselves?

We shouldn’t necessarily let ourselves be governed by traditions if they don’t resonate with us!

Isn’t it lying to hope for health when our lifestyle isn’t respected or to hope for tranquility when we are responsible for acts that don’t reflect us, that stress us out and don’t make us happy?

We must absolutely ground ourselves anew to feel anchored to the earth and in harmony with this whole!

This grounding always brings us back to the present moment and to gratitude!

We must never forget that it’s not the goal we are aiming for, but the path that leads to it. Or else, we could run after unachieved dreams for a long time, as well as desires that are constantly growing…

Let’s re-harmonize ourselves to become free spirits, personalities, humans who are awake and have something to say, authentic people; let’s be the true stockholders of our lives!

It’s actually easy; it’s simply a question of making a decision! It’s a little bit like in the movie The Matrix: you just need to choose your path, red or green! Make the right decision.

A lifestyle that is harmonious with who we really are and what is best for us will naturally bring on a more positive and constructive sequence of events in our lives and all of that, with immense happiness.

So let’s breathe and center ourselves!

Secondly, I’d also like to suggest a trip to gift heaven!

Let me explain myself: I’m sure you wish to be more creative, more manual, more considerate, more engaged and more willful, so I dare you to create “Greeting cards”, a type of resolution for others or a reminder to live in the present moment.

Have fun writing little cards decorated a string and a bow for example, which you could leave anywhere for anyone with the intention you want, whenever you want!

When the occasion presents itself, all you need to do is take out your collection of cards and give the appropriate card with the right message to the right person! You’ll then work on your instinct to be able to tell what people need in order to bring them comfort or help them find the right path again.

Personally, I prefer to do it discreetly when the person doesn’t know whom the message is from, it’s even more constructive as a sign from heaven! But you can also show yourself if you prefer.

So go back to being an innocent child who shares without expecting anything in return… That’s also what it means to live in the present moment!

Have fun and spread love and life…

I wish you a wonderful new year filled with beautiful appointments with yourself and your loved ones…


My 30 Master Keys of Happiness

I’m often told that I look really happy, that I’m always in a good mood and that my energy is always overflowing with vitality.

It’s true that I feel that life has been good to me, and because of this, I try to live my life to the fullest, and especially with both feet grounded in the present moment in order to not missing anything. I wanted to share a small list of things that help me to keep a smile on my face even when the going gets tough!

1: Eating as much raw food as possible: loads of fruits and veggies in abundance, without restraint.

2: Sleeping enough, at the right time, and getting a deep rest.

3: Being physically active every day by doing different activities: yoga, walking, swimming, weights.

4: Always staying hydrated! It’s important to drink a lot of water, constantly.

5: Trying to go outside every day to take in some sun, some fresh air, and benefit from the power of nature.

6: Meditating at least 10 minutes every day, and clearing your head completely. Don’t think of anything, and breathe deeply.

7: Thinking of how lucky you are every day, and being grateful! Be thankful for being alive, of having the chance to experience meaningless things, to meet people, to encounter smiles and actions. We never say “thank you” enough, and the same goes for “I love you”.

8: Moving away from the TV, the telephone and social media as often as possible.

9: Not hesitating to say “NO” to requests, activities, or meetings if you are not interested.

10: Listening to your heart and trusting it to make decisions, make choices and feel guided.

11: Surrounding yourself with inspiring, positive people by eliminating people who pollute your space, are negative, or suck your energy.

12: Keeping your hope alive by believing in your dreams, your potential and nature’s intelligence.

13: Focusing on every task you want to accomplish 100% in order to complete it without wasting any time.

14: Not hesitating to spend some time alone getting to know yourself, understanding yourself, discovering yourself, and taking time to recover (on the contrary!).

15: NEVER hurting others (humans, animals).

16: Getting rid of your fears! Confront them, integrate them, get over them and transform them. “Fear does not avoid danger!”

17: Being balanced! In other words, try to never do to “much” or “not enough”. It’s important to find a balance in all our desires and needs: food, outings, fun.

18: Being disciplined: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

19: Helping others without expecting anything in return, just for the pleasure of giving and sharing.

20: Accepting change and not giving into routine by accepting to leave your comfort zone.

21: Finding a job that you like.

22: Giving yourself goals, challenges and push yourself.

23: Keeping a learning mindset, and being receptive to wisdom: read, stay informed, be curious and don’t stay stuck on one fixed point of view.

24: Not wasting time with anything superficial or superfluous.

25: Being creative and ready to use your imagination, tap into your emotions and use your talents.

26: Keeping a child’s heart and staying in the present moment. Be contemplative, be filled with wonderment.

27: Not making judgments.

28: Never saying “NEVER”.

29: Avoiding procrastination.




Know How to Spoil Yourself

To our delight, spring has decided to grace us with its presence after all! With it, comes the soft and savoury promise of summer, which warms our heart and soul, as it should, after such a long and particularly intense winter! So how does one avoid the urge to melt prematurely before these tropical months? We all want to take advantage of every second of delicious sun, green parks, enchanting smells and sublime flora and fauna that are slowly coming back to life. It’s a delicious problem, wouldn’t you say?

However, it is true that within this context, we are often confronted with certain temptations. What to do?

*Resist and feel lonely in the midst of the “party” around you?


*Give in and forget about the deep yogi within you, throwing your resolutions and healthy habits that do you so much good to the wind?

Well, for me, it’s neither. I refuse to sacrifice my health and habits because the summer is so short, but I also refuse to not spoil myself, because that, too, is so important…

For me, the notion of pleasure is of capital importance for anyone to be happy!

We simply can’t hold back our need to feel satisfaction and happiness because they could potentially steer us further from our path. It’s not natural to do things this way. We must always give ourselves happiness and what feels right, no matter what the cost!

That’s why I think that the most important thing is to find balance in order to satisfy our cravings and needs while staying in harmony with our essence and our voice, and allow ourselves to combine quality, pleasure, listening, complicity, friendship, fun, and self-respect.

But how is it possible to achieve this balance?

Well, I think there are several ways that are personal to each individual depending on your demons and race horses. But nevertheless, here is an exhaustive list of alternatives and tricks to not lose your way while taking advantage of this delicate spring and the upcoming summer, which looks like it will be more than delicious:


*Create a wall of visions, desires and urges: the power of visual images is incredible, and those who have tried it are mad for it, simply because it works! Being able to clearly see what you want takes a lot more mind space than even a very focused thought. Of course, associating both is a very good way to help us concentrate on our true aspirations and achieve the desired result.

Don’t hesitate to really think about what makes your heart beat, what motivates you, makes you want to move forward, what you want to obtain, do, or change, with the help of images, photos, drawings, words, quotes or anything else you can think of. Create a wall whose roll will be to help you find your way when you’re stuck, tired, or need to let go. It will be your number 1 MOTIVATION to always keep moving forward!


*Those famous barbecues: We all know it: summer is barbecue season and it’s often difficult to enjoy them if like me, you don’t eat meat or fish (which doesn’t mean you necessarily judge your friends for eating those things, though). No, what we want to do is inspire them; to do so, why not create colourful fruit and veggie skewers, living and vibrant with sauces that will make them fall head over heels with jealousy? HAHAHA!

You can do them cooked or raw: there are so many delicious possibilities. Pepper-onion-mushroom; three melons; peach-date-apricot; cherry tomato-cucumber-yellow tomato; raspberry-cherry-blackberry-blueberry; zucchini-orange pepper-kohirabi-sweet potato; pineapple-banana-mango…

Also don’t hesitate to play on the visual aspect, which always attracts curious people, and pair everything with savoury sauces made with thyme, coriander, cajun spices and for people with a sweet tooth, chocolat, Maca, vanilla… Everyone will love them, I promise, and you won’t be tempted to reach for something you don’t actually want and that isn’t good for you!


*Our frozen friends: to me, summer rimes with frozen treats, but not just any treat, of course! Always have a few sweet treats on hand by filling your freezer with frozen fruit: bananas, mangoes, pineapple, red berries…

There are also many ways to create healthy frozen treats without added sugar, additives, preservatives, or cream. And everyone will love them, young and old! Use your imagination to create wonders for all tastes and in all shapes. You’ll see: it’s super easy!


*Hydration: During the hotter periods, it’s important to be more vigilant than usual and be sure to drink enough water. A body can quickly become dehydrated without even giving any warning signs beforehand. You won’t be doing your body any good and it will be easier to succumb to useless outside temptations. Ensure you always have a water bottle in your bag and prepare all kinds of flavoured water: lemon water, berry water, mint water, ginger water. These are a tasty way of enjoying a fruitier or more refreshing version of our favourite life nectar!


*Working out: Let’s be clear: “summer” doesn’t mean you should be lounging around doing nothing. I’d even go as far as saying that on the contrary, we should be working twice as hard to do our workouts as scheduled, and add outdoor activities to the routine, too.

Simply because everything is simpler and furthermore, it will help us fight the potential obstacles on our path!

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, to try acroYoga in parks, to take a swim, go out dancing, go bicycling, organizing volleyball meets… Everything should become an excuse to get moving with friends, family, or by joining different workout groups that are simply waiting for you to participate and create new relationships. Spoil yourself by spoiling your body, heart, and mind. Push yourself forward…


*Alcohol: This is a taboo subject but that needs to be addressed, I think. A personal choice for each individual, for some, the decision will be irrevocable: “Never, never! I don’t touch alcohol.” For others, who have the urge to drink, there are options for being good and not hurting your body so much by choosing liquids that are easier to digest.

Obviously, everything lies in moderation, so challenge yourself with a limited quota for the evening, that you will not exceed under any circumstance.

Also, don’t hesitate to go for softer alcoholic beverages like homemade sangria that contains real juice, spritzer with carbonated water, bubbly, wine (pinot noir is the best because of the amounts of resveratrol it contains), cider and gluten-free beer.

There is also the possibility of going for fermented drinks that contain a minuscule quantity of alcohol and are delicious, like kombucha.

Tell yourself that every drink you take will have to be sweated out the next day, or think of the number of kilometres you’ll have to run the next day to compensate. You definitely won’t drink as much!


*Wellness: Especially, don’t hesitate to take some time to yourself and spoil yourself by taking in a bit of sun, reading under a tree, putting your bare feet on the ground, going out to take in the soft floral fragrances, meditating to the sound of bird songs, breathing deeply, walking, contemplating the world…

Be grateful for these simple moments which are sublime gifts of life that surround us! This appreciation will bring you such great content that you won’t need much to stay serene, peaceful, happy, satisfied, and free of needs other than that to BE!


What Is Love?

We constantly talk about love, using the term in any which way regardless of the situation. It’s come to a point where without even realizing it, we’ve lost all sense of truth and depth with this word and feeling. However, we should all be able to see, understand and admit that the word has an incomparable power, that its role is a major one and that its potential is unique.

Love is certainly the most noble feeling, and especially, the one that is capable of the most wonders and the most amazing miracles.

Love is by far the only reason we need to live, that makes our hearts beat in all the ways possible and that gives us the huge urge to cooperate with this life, with this physical world in which we are currently living and this invisible empire with which we also live.

Love can upset us, turn us upside down, make us feel compassion, make us feel empathy, make us drunk, overwhelm us. It helps us be satisfied, comforts us, makes us smile, even makes us laugh or cry. It allows us to breathe, help others, move forward, completely let go, always believe more, not give up and even pushes us to cooperate with the unknown.

Love is the richest and most complete of treasures, but to experience it, one must first be able to understand it in order to respect it as one should, and finally integrate it and cherish it with all one’s might.

Unfortunately, we cannot deny that the word “love” has been completely tarnished with time and has lost all its true functions and values, which originally were basically to bring us together, and help us move forward, while keeping us united.

So what is love today?

Is it exchanging intimacy because we feel too alone? Is it loving by controlling the other person and being jealous and abusive? Is it giving love by limiting? Is it giving something to get something in return? Is it trying to live through someone else? Is it constantly seeking attention? Is it fighting against loneliness? Is it filling voids through a presence? Is it asking over and over for justifications? Is it losing one’s true identity in the eyes of someone or other? Is it wanting to possess what one cannot?

How do we really consider love today, in a society that pretends not to know that we all have a heart inside us and a wonderful inner world to explore and cross in order to evolve? How do we experience love nowadays in a world in only appearances and materialistic objects are important?

Personally, I’ve always considered love to be way to big and important to deserve pettiness and pseudo-comfort in the way too many people end up falling prey to.

Don’t you think we should all be able to overcome our fears and unease before looking to someone else to find this balance, which is necessary and vital? We cannot continuously ask others to satisfy needs that we alone can fill! We can’t constantly throw stones at others or to the outside world and believe that the solution or solutions can be found elsewhere.

To me, the only and true love that is important to experience is unconditional love!

This love is the only one that can allow us to reunite with our own inner being, but also positively and humanly promote all kinds of connections with different external elements that we encounter throughout our lives.

This type of love is the only one able to transcend us and push us to give without ever expecting anything in return. It’s a love deeply rooted in the heart that stimulates us in the present and in every moment that life offers us.

Unconditional love is the only love we should fully experience, because it’s the only one that is healthy on all fronts.

It is completely balanced because it is authentic, fun, sincere and entirely respectful…

Of course, this type of love requires work every day and every minute, because the society in which we have evolved and the education we have been given mostly goes against this luminous path.

Wanting to experience this way of loving is letting light into one’s life, and choosing to be happy regardless of the situation. It’s learning to constantly become better and more altruistic; it’s abandoning fear, moving away from possession, detachment, needing to belong…

Loving unconditionally is moving further and further away from judgement; it’s accepting differences, considering the micro, macro, physical and invisible on the same level. It’s never imposing anything, not limiting oneself, not feeling guilty, not blackmailing, not waiting to be considered and especially, never dominating regardless of the status that someone has given you or that you’ve given yourself.

It can be difficult to imagine being able to love this way, and I’m not saying that it’s always an easy path that is without obstacles; but what I am sure and entirely convinced of is that wanting and trying to experience this deep love in one’s life and one’s daily existence means changing one’s life forever by embracing beauty, joie de vivre and positivity.


How to Start Eating Healthier

Nowadays, people have really become aware of how important it is to care for your health, and that eating healthy is the number one remedy and the best way to prevent illness. However, sometimes you just don’t know where to start, and our education doesn’t always help us or inspire us as to what we are supposed to do… what is good for us!

Many people are under the impression that “eating healthy” means depriving oneself of pleasure on a daily basis. Of course, this is not the case. On the contrary, it is very possible to eat a lot, while combining health and pleasure.

Here is a summary of products to avoid for optimal health, and a list of alternatives to replace them.

Let’s start with sugar!

Yes, we must and can eat sugar: it’s how we give our body energy. However, beware: refined sugar is a true poison whose only effect will be to block your arteries with time.

The sugar that it’s important to consume comes from fruit (the best) or coconut sugar, which is very beneficial to your health. Stevia, maple syrup, agave syrup, honey (for non-vegans), yacon syrup or date, raisin or other dried fruit purées also all taste like sugar.

Cow’s milk

Drinking cow’s milk is also dangerous for your health, and if you don’t know why, a quick Google search can help fill you in.

There are many alternatives to cow’s milk, such as rice, nut, hemp seed, millet, coconut, cashew, or even banana milk! Of course, the best option is to make your own, which is less expensive and much healthier, I promise!

Wheat flour

Now let’s move on to wheat flower, which is also a devil from the food industry, but don’t worry: you’ll still be able to eat pasta, bread, pizza… thanks to other healthier types of flour like almond, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, rice, chickpea, and tapioca flour, or the remnants of your nut milks. There is a wide array of flours out there to try and delight your tastebuds.

You can easily replace regular pasta by making your own with the previously mentioned kinds of flour. There are also many types of gluten-free pasta on the market! For example, there are kelp noodles, wild rice pasta, or pasta made with quinoa, seaweed, etc. There are so many out there… or why not try to whip up your own recipes? You could also go another route, which might lead you to the world of raw eating, and you might enjoy pasta made from zucchini, beets, squash, or sweet potato. Of course, you’ll need a Spiralizer, but it’s relatively inexpensive and well worth the investment.

But what about cheese?

There are also ways to avoid eating cheese by opting for vegan cheeses made from fermented nuts like cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts. If you live in Quebec, I highly recommend Byrdsheese: These vegan cheeses can be made at home and are very easy to whip up. You can also use nutritional yeast, which helps give a cheesy taste. Absolutely delicious! You’ll also find several vegan cheeses in grocery stores, but maybe a little less natural. But once in a while, why not?

Now, let’s move on to butter!

Ah yes, of course, our bodies need fat. But it’s easy to replace with oils like olive or coconut oil, which are magical. There are also oils that are more fragrant, like sesame, avocado, or nut oils. There is even nut butters such as coconut or cocoa butter which are simply to die for, really! And what if I told you avocado can often replace butter in recipes? I’m crazy for it!

And now, what about animal products?

They contain protein, which we need for our muscles, but animals have a heart, emotions and a soul…

So as far as proteins go, did you know that plant-based proteins are often complete (including all the necessary amino acids) and easier to digest than animal protein? You can eat kale, sprouts, soaked nuts and seeds, which are great for you, filled with life, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Quinoa, sunflower seed sprouts are great for you, for example, because they are complete sources of protein that will satisfy you.

Mushrooms are also a great source of protein, as well as legumes and nut loaves. And for those who wish to vary their diet even more, it’s easy to find tempeh, tofu, seitan, and imitation meats in stores. I’m personally not a big fan of imitation meats, which often contain many additives and preservatives, but once again, anything is possible. And once in a while, why not?


As far as eggs are concerned, it seems impossible for many of us to imagine ditching them from our diets, but bananas are a great substitute, as well as ground flaxseed with water, or chia seeds. There is nothing you can’t make with these wonders of nature.

Of course, some people are intolerant or allergic to nuts, and that can make things a little more complicated. But there are also alternatives like millet, quinoa, oats, flaxseed, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, amaranth, and delicious buckwheat.

Soft drinks

In another category which is just as important, there are canned soft drinks of all kinds, which have literally taken over the world, and are bottled weapons of destruction, filled with everything that is bad for your health: sugar, additives, preservatives, chemicals, artificial colours… No further comment.

If you love the gas contained in these drinks, there are some made with mushrooms, which are fermented and will help your digestive system, like kombucha, for example, or kefir. These drinks can also be made at home; it may seem complicated at first, but after a while it’s only a question of organization. There is also fresh fruit juice or mixes of fresh juice and carbonated water, for example.


And of course, there is alcohol, which might be a little harder to replace. Of course, some people can easily give it up, others not at all, and other will say “yes” to a glass once in a while. It’s up to you to decide: you are free to do as you wish, but moderation is a good thing, of course! I went to a conference given by David Wolf, where he said that two glasses a day of a true pinot noir could even be good for you…

That pretty much wraps things up, but if you have any other suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them!

If I had one more comment to make, it would be to ask you to listen to yourself and trust your common sense, your inner voice that knows what is good for you in the end. Your body is your best friend and it doesn’t react in certain ways to hinder you, but rather to teach you something and show you the right path.

Don’t forget that everything is connected and if you wish to lead a life filled with magic, love, humanity, consciousness, awakenings, and sharing, if you want to reach your dreams, and be happy until your last day and even beyond, you have no other choice but to follow the universe’s prescription, and eat magic food that will help you make your dreams a reality…


Breathing and wellness

Breathing is something we do without realizing it; another one of the body’s spontaneous functions that keeps us going. The respiration is a natural process and without it, we would not exist.

I love this quote: « A breath is a beginning as well as an end. Life begins with an inhale and ends with an exhale – a breath. » These words underlie the importance of proper breathing because it is a source of life and energy.

As natural and “automatic” as breathing is – to the point of forgetting about it – have you ever done this action while being intentionally aware? In fact, deliberately or not, the breath can be managed to reap optimal benefits. This simple action we repeat throughout our lives is a true ode to the essence of life and to the entire universe.

Women often feel more connected to their breath when they are carrying a child. Especially when they are about to go into labor: deep inspirations and long expirations help reduce pain by calming the body before, during and after childbirth.

At this time when every one seems to be on the run – rushing into yoga and meditation classes – we are all basically chasing after wholeness and peace of mind. So why not start by simply trying to learn how to breathe consciously?

Awareness of the breath implies being conscious of the physical process (every inhale and exhale); at the same time, try to chase away any recurring thoughts that disturb the mind. By accomplishing this, it is possible to enter the subconscious part of your mind where much is hidden.

We know that the breath is strongly connected to emotions. As stress and agitation take over, breathing simultaneously becomes sharper which feeds the negative vibes thus keeping them alive in us.

To our great benefit, there are solutions to address this kind of harmful interference. We all have an ability that gives us the power heal ourselves by reaching the ideal state of mind: the state of nirvana. How? By taking control over our breath. This is a wonderful habit that we should all adopt. It soothes away the stress that the soul and the body face everyday.

Who has never detected feelings of nervousness or relief by noticing a sudden change in the flow of their breath?

Everyone agrees to say that feeling irritated or angry is often accompanied with an increase of the breathing rate characterized by short breaths that come in gasps. Besides, the famous phrase “breathtaking” is not to be taken lightly. Some situations literally take our breath away and others give it back. Letting out a heavy sigh in relief to what we faced is also evidence of the benefits of breathing thoughtfully. Therefore, we must be aware of the signals sent by our breathing rate and do everything to manage them to let go of negative vibes.

Deep inhales and exhales will allow you to manage all sorts of feelings whether they are thoughts, emotions or physical pain; a conscious and profound breath will ease them.

It has been proven that managing your breath deliberately can have a major impact on overall wellness. Among other benefits, it helps with balance issues, gives willpower, stabilizes the mood, emotions, stress and the energy level, it clears the mind by enabling a higher level of concentration and creativity in addition to regulating the nervous system.

In depth, breathing with awareness strengthens the cardiovascular and the immune system, lowers blood pressure and regulates the level of hormones. Basically, a breath has the power to nourish us mentally and physically thanks to the profound oxygenation of the red blood cells that travel through our tissues and our organs. According to several studies, one of direct benefits of breathing deeply is the increasing level of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). A field study based on people who practice breathing and relaxation exercises about thirty minutes à day showed that their level of DHEA (also knows as the “fountain of youth” hormone) could increase by 100% (The Instinct to Heal: Curing Depression, Anxiety and Stress Without Drugs and Without Talk Therapy by David Servan-Schreiber). This is incredible!

Obviously, we must not neglect any steps of the process of respiration. It is essential to be equally aware of inhales and exhales; energizing yourself before letting go of all tensions thus relieving your mind and body.

By recognizing the importance of a conscious breath, it is possible to achieve cosmic harmony; a level of dream where we feel all the frequencies of the universe.

Anyone seeking to follow the path of wisdom characterized by spirituality, wellness and understanding will value the importance of breath.

Yoga is recognized for being very healthy. One of the key elements of the practice is the undisrupted flow of the breath. Yoga is a great option to learn how to breathe consciously while following your own pace and respecting your limits.

Breathing is a true gift from heaven as it carries life. In addition to its calming qualities it can also awaken chakras and stimulate one’s spiritual growth.

Discovering the different aspects of spirituality in a state of serenity and well-being are undeniable steps to reaching the most mystical part of us. If desired, it is possible to explore specific dimensions through astral travel or other sacred experiences like acknowledging the existence of an “invisible” world.

Yogis throughout the World are aware of the benefits related to breathing consciously and have been since ancient times. They value this action and consider it to be the secret to mental, physical and emotional wholeness. This form of meditation caked “Prana Vidya” would be the key to unlocking the doors to a world of wonder!

The average person takes sixteen inspirations per minute. In a state of meditation, this number can drop to six and, believe it or not, the great yogis from India can reach a state where only one breath per minute is necessary.

Now, you must be wondering why you are reading about yoga?

Well, Indian yogis have found something amazing through the practice of breathing consciously: a basic energy called “Prana”. This would be the sum total of all the energy manifested in the universe. Among other roles it plays on the body, one of the most powerful is related to the nervous tissue along the spinal cord.

“Prana” means life force. This energy connects everything in the universe. According to the Chinese, it is the equivalent of the IQ; the Polynesians refer to it as the “mana” and the European healers, they call it the “subtle energy field”.

This valuable energy is entirely related to the breath: to maintain your “prana”, exercise your breath.

Everything is connected. Emotions influence breathing, therefore they affect vital energy! “Prana” is thus disturbed as quickly as emotions trigger a change in your breath. So managing your breath in all situations is a natural remedy. This is why the yogis call it “Prana Vidya”: a practice that has the power to heal and cure!

Take the time to breathe and realize how simple and salutary this act is.

On this note, here are two mottos that have become my philosophies of life: “We are what we eat” and “our breath is also the mirror of what we are and how we live”.

So eat and breathe consciously!



How great is it when you’re exploring some unknown territory and all of a sudden you encounter a unique, kind and sincere smile?

Consider the value of a smile. This simple gesture has the power to reassure you and give you peace of mind, a state of wellness that is worth everything in the world.

Unconsciously and consciously, a smile can make a difference on your state of mind. Indeed, whether you are stubborn or not, your mood can shift in a second, brightening your day.

I’m sure you’ve heard this quote before: “What goes around comes around”. The positive vibes that you freely and thoughtfully send out will ultimately end up somewhere. Whether you are an advocate of the law of attraction or the Butterfly Effect, both are related to this saying.

I’ve always been a strong believer that everything and everyone in the universe are connected, generating a divine energy imbued with love: a marvelous energy capable of healing wounds.

I know all this can seem a little farfetched and unreal, but these phenomena are based on scientific theories and observations. A growing number of scientists interested by these concepts are studying them through a branch of physics known as quantum mechanics. A prominent proponent of such beliefs is a man named Vadim Zeland. He wrote a fantastic book – which I strongly recommend – called “Transurfing”.

I believe there are two types of people on Earth:

– Those who presume human beings are someone or something’s puppets. Thus, victims of an insignificant experiment.

– Those who think humans are here to embrace universal love, to learn acceptance, to discover pain, to develop empathy and comprehension…

Don’t get me wrong – I am not stating these as absolute facts. After all, who knows?

However, I refuse to accept that the first theory, the one stating that humans are in the hands of a puppet-master, may be my leitmotiv!

If the first theory is correct, what is the meaning behind my existence? How could this world be so rich in possibilities if we are mere puppets in a grandmaster’s set plan?

My solution for not letting these types of existential questions drive me crazy is to focus on the present moment.

I choose to be the best version of myself. I open my heart to others, I choose to help, to be positive, to see the bright side of things, to believe that every experience has a purpose… to keep things simple. I chose to LOVE.

The list is very, very long and everyday I put in as much efforts as I can to follow it. My goal is to be at the heart of universal love.

This is why I can assure you that every smile is a gift, every laugh is meaningful and every wink is stimulating. Surround yourself with positive vibes and radiate them.

Try! Smile at someone random who seems grumpy and you’ll see their reaction. The result isn’t guaranteed, but usually people find it hard to resist a charming gesture. So let’s join forces, let’s create an egregore of love.

Give. Never stop giving… It is free and it will have a great impact on you and the entire universe…

Lots of love

An Extra Health Benefit: Chlorophyll

Everyone has heard of this green substance called chlorophyll, but how much do we truly know about it?

First and foremost, this substance is responsible for the green pigment of plants. Secondly and most importantly, it catalyzes the chemical process called photosynthesis, by which organisms synthesize sunlight into energy.

It is often referred to as the “green blood of plants”.

Indeed, the only difference between the molecular structure of chlorophyll and our red blood cells is the center atom. Our blood cell’s center consists of iron (Fe) whereas chlorophyll’s is magnesium (Mg).

Chlorophyll has many health benefits and therapeutic qualities.

Among others, it is rich in:

* calcium

* iron

* zinc

* chrome

* phosphor

* potassium

* magnesium

* selenium

* protein

and in many vitamins:

* pantothenic and folic acid (vitamin B complex)

* tocopherol (vitamin E)

* vitamin K

* retinol (vitamin A)

* biotin (vitamin H)

* ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Chlorophyll is known to improve well-being. A regular consumption of it will increase its benefits, especially for those living in temperate climates.

Benefits of chlorophyll:

* alkalizes our blood (fights acidity)

* reverses anemia

* stimulates the immune system

* has powerful anti-oxidants properties

* has a positive effect on the muscular system

* regulates the menstrual cycle

* has a powerful detoxification effect on the body

* improves functions of the liver, the lungs and the colon

* improves the digestion process (constipation)

* promotes healthy intestinal flora (protects from carcinogens)

* improves glandular functions

* relieves the symptoms associated with cystitis

* supports wound healing of the skin and of mucous membranes

* lowers high blood pressure (hypertension)

* has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties

* combats fatigue

* fights germs

* deodorizes (eliminates bad breath)

* oxygenates the blood

* regulates our body’s blood sugar level (glycemic control)

* strengthens the circulatory system (replenishing and increasing the red blood cells)

Why not include it into your diet on a daily basis? It’s so invigorating!

It is available in the form of a liquid supplement. You will find it in health food stores. Often, the mix consists of purified water, by-products of alfalfa and copper, but natural mint flavoring is also added for the sake of our taste buds.

Not drinking enough water? Adding a few drops can help increase your daily intake!

Transform that dull glass of water into a refreshing, minty and hydrating glass filled with health benefits! It’s too good to refuse!


Living Food

Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. To me, these are words of wisdom, spoken mindfully by a man who predicted the faith of our present world. A world where epidemics and new diseases are always surfacing and where cancer constantly takes lives. This is why it is particularly important to understand the components of a nutritional diet.

In love with life, I’ve always wanted to know more about nutrition. I slowly adopted new habits until the memorable day where I was inadvertently introduced to rawism (eating raw food), which I prefer referring to as the living food diet. This discovery changed my life forever.

 Keep in mind that food is a source of energy; it is imperative to nourish our bodies carefully. A healthy diet can protect it, strengthen it, and optimize bodily functions in the long-term. It’s like fuelling a vehicle: would you power your car with something that could destroy it?

What is living food? It is the solution for preserving all the nutritious elements present in the food you eat. When cooking fruits and vegetables, you deprive yourself of many vitamins, crucial enzymes and nutritional values in addition to causing an arduous digestive process. The human body will have to work twice as hard, using up more energy and its own enzymes, to digest cooked aliments. This results in fatigue and heaviness because the body is burning more energy than it is gaining.

Food can be classified into four categories:

– Biogenic: generates life (sprouted seeds, spirulina, superfoods…)

 – Bioactive: sustains life (fresh and raw fruits and vegetables…)

 – Biostatic: slows life down, responsible for aging (cooked fruits and vegetables, pasta…)

– Biocidic: depletes life, responsible for devitalization (refined sugar, gluten, pasteurized products…)

The more devitalized products you ingest, the more you increase your odds of becoming ill. Heating kills the natural benefits in organic matter. So how do you expect to survive by eating dead food? Don’t you think it’s quite a funny paradox?

Indeed, this diet is strict, but on all other levels, it could hardly be any better. Imagine making peace with your body and what’s on your plate. one of the main advantages to eating raw is the possibility of enjoying succulent juices, delicious smoothies, colorful salads, and guilt-free deserts in unlimited quantities at any given time. Superfoods are incredible substances that will boost your immune system instead of tiring it. Imagine a satisfying plate of zucchini spaghetti with pesto, a tasty raw chocolate mousse, or crispy kale chips…

 The evidence is already out there. In many places across the globe, there are healing practices based on the raw food diet, like Hippocrates Health Institute. Follow these recommendations and feel the difference! Live in harmony with your body and nurture yourself consciously. This is the answer to going back to our roots.

As I said before, ever since I discovered living food, my life has changed. My senses have increased tenfold, my palate is more discerning, my skin is brighter and clearer, my hair is silkier, my metabolism is more efficient, my mind is more focused, and overall I’m more organized. I feel amazing, and so can you!

Full of love

(Translation by Emilie Marceau-Briggs)

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